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    t anti-DPR▓K missile drillSouth Korea, Japan and the US ▓has held an unprecedented trilateral missile defence exercise. The trilateral drill in waters off Hawaii came less than a week after the DPRK fligh

    ity is alerting sout▓hern
    Chinese provinces of a ne
    w round o▓f heavy rainfal
    l over the next four day
    s. The National Meteorolog
  • ical Center ▓has issued a yello

    t-tested a powerful new medium-range ballistic missile, an▓d included a ballistic target tracking operation to test the Aegis anti-missile systems used by the US and its two key Asian allies. >&g

    w weather alert for rainst
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    t on a four-tiered ▓weath
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    t; Civil code pr▓inciples submitted to China’s top legislatureChina's top legislators are reviewing a draft of rules outli▓ning the nation's new civil code - ▓a collection of laws that defines people

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    e latest glob▓al news by
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    's▓ legal rights and obligations. The govern▓ment will implement the code as so▓on as legislation is complete.>> First CPC congress site to reopen after refu▓rbishmentThe Communist Party of China w▓i

    i Xiang>> Air traff
    ic partially resumed af▓t
    er attacks at Ataturk Airp
    ortNow air flights have
    partially resumed, hours
  • after the triple suicide bombin

    ll celebrate its 95th anniversary July 1. And ▓marking the occasion, the venue in Shanghai wh▓ere the CPC held its very first national congress has undergone a major refurbishment and expansion. It will reo

    gs shocked the Ataturk I
    nternational Airport. Th
    e latest death tol▓l stan
    ds at 36, with nearly 150
    others injured. Turkey's

prime minister Bina▓li Yildirim says ISIL may be behind the

attack.>> The UK reassures normal

business envir

pen to public Friday.>> Final segment installed to HK-Zhuhai-Macao B▓ridge's main bodyConstruction workers high above the Pearl River Delta in south Ch▓ina have installed the final segment of the Hong ▓Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the w▓orld's longest sea bridge.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease

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Britain's largest

efing of the latest global ▓news by CCTV.comBriefing of

trade sect▓ors,


reassure them it wa

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    the latest g▓lobal newsAtaturk international airport06-29-2016 11:42 BJTBy CCTV.com Li Xiang>&g

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    t; Shooting rampage, suicide bombings kill dozens in IstanbulA gun and bomb attack on ▓Istanbul's

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    Ataturk internation▓al airport has killed 36 people and injured more than 140. Prime Minister Bi

the country and with th

nali Yildirim said early signs suggested the so-called Islamic State was behind the attack.>> Merkel says no 'cherry-pic▓king' for UKGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday reiterated Germany's ▓dete

rmination to both maintain close ties with Bri▓tain a

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